Annual Regulatory Fees (Due Date TBD)

Date(s) - 08/01/17 - 09/30/17
All Day

On a date to be determined, possibly in August or (more likely) in September, but certainly before September 30, 2017, annual regulatory fees will be due. These will be due and payable for Fiscal Year 2017, and will be based upon a licensee’s/permittee’s holdings on October 1, 2016, plus anything that might have been purchased since then and less anything that might have been sold since then.

The fees will be required to be paid through the FCC’s online Fee Filer, and the FCC will not accept checks as payment of the fees but will require some form of electronic payment (credit card, ACH transfer, wire transfer, and the like).

Please keep in mind that timely payment is critical, as late payment results in an immediate 25 percent penalty, plus potential additional interest charges.