Biennial Ownership Report Due

Date(s) - 12/01/17
All Day

For the first time, all commercial and noncommercial radio and television stations will be required to file Biennial Ownership Reports on either FCC Form 323 or FCC Form 323-E on the same day. All information is to be current as of October 1, 2017.

This is an electronic filing which requires that each licensee list all persons, whether natural people or entities, with an attributable interest in the licensee. The report requires disclosure of the type and amount of the interest, as well as the sex, race, and ethnicity of each interest-holder.

Separate ownership reports must also be filed for each entity holding an attributable interest in a licensee. As a part of this filing, licensees must provide an FCC Registration Number (“FRN”) for each person or entity with an attributable interest, whether that FRN is a standard FRN or a Special Use FRN, to be used only for ownership reports.

We strongly encourage all licensees to start early on these reports.