Pro-Broadcasting Television Messages

The Colorado Broadcasters Association assembled a Pro-Broadcasting Message Committee to craft promotional messages that highlight Colorado television. Coloradans continue to tune in to local television for weather, news, information and entertainment. We are also a viewer’s first choice when news is breaking and in times of emergency. Utilizing data from the 2019 “Power of Broadcast in Colorado” study from Nielsen, we have created compelling promotional messages for your station to air as desired. These messages are available fully produced or taggable for your station to add its contact information.

The Pro-Broadcasting Message Committee asks that you begin airing these messages immediately to send a unified message, statewide, that television is here to stay! There are many who desire our spectrum, our audience and want to undermine the value of local television. Now more than ever, we must speak as one voice and tell the truth about television’s reach and impact on Colorado viewers.

Thank you to the committee and the member stations who helped write and produce these exciting television promos.

Pro Television spots are available for download below. Please feel free to reach out to Justin or me regarding these messages.


Dan Smith
General Manager
Chairman, Pro-Broadcasting Message Committee

Pro-Television :15 V1 (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :15 V2 (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :30 V1 no tag (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :30 V2 no tag (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :30 V3 (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :30 V4 (.MOV/English)  Download  
Pro-Television :30 V1 (.MOV/Spanish)  Download