Chris Lytle’s “The Year of The Sales Manager”

Chris Lytle is declaring 2017 to be The Year of the Sales Manager.

Sales managers get pulled in so many directions, spending up to 90% of their time performing lower level tasks.

The real job of sales management is getting salespeople to succeed at their jobs.

Chris Lytle’s “Year of the Sales Manager” provides

Access to Lytle’s Instant Sales Training website
An archive of 75 pre-planned sales training sessions.
A weekly email downloadable as a 2 to 5-minute MP3.
Chris’s 53-minute video keynote Super Charged Sales Management.

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About Chris Lytle

Chris walked into his hometown Radio station to apply for a job as a newsman, 35 years ago. There were no openings in the news department, but the GM offered him a sales job. The rest is history.

Chris Lytle is the author of “The Accidental Salesperson” and “The Accidental Sales Manager”.  All webinars are live and personally conducted by Chris Lytle.



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