Chris Lytle’s Free “Instant Sales Training” Continues Into 2020

Another free CBA member benefit! If you’re already signed up, your subscription will continue through 2020. If you’re unfamiliar with the Instant Sales Training website, check out the video (7:56) below to get a snapshot of the program.

Having been an Advertising Sales Manager, I love the simplicity of this resource and think you will, too.  Each week you receive an email with a training topic and link to an audio file to help you plan your sales meetings and training sessions. Chris has made this incredibly easy and nobody teaches the fundamentals for radio and television sales like he does. Each sales idea is immediately applicable and there’s an archive of 250+ pre-planned sales meetings to remove the time consuming, drudgery of planning your next weekly sales meeting.  Work these ideas and plans into your own meetings or simply download and send Chris’ ideas and audio to your team.

There’s NO COST to you or your station.

Ready to sign up? Use the registration form below the video.


About Chris Lytle
Chris walked into his hometown Radio station to apply for a job as a newsman, 35 years ago. There were no openings in the news department, but the GM offered him a sales job. The rest is history. Chris Lytle is the author of “The Accidental Salesperson” and “The Accidental Sales Manager”.

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One comment on “Chris Lytle’s Free “Instant Sales Training” Continues Into 2020
  1. Clara Rivas says:

    Thrilled to receive your material Chris- all sales people sell differently- I want to see how you do it and share with my team your ideas.
    Keeping it fresh, keeping engaging- selling to an audience who has adopted this country and still keeping it relevant makes us be focused, innovative, efficient.

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