KDNK begins search for Executive Director as Gavin Dahl signs off

After 37 years of FM broadcasting, Carbondale Community Access Radio is seeking its first Executive Director. The new title better reflects the true scope of the job. Leading this independent media institution is both a big responsibility and an exciting opportunity. KDNK anticipates a strong pool of applicants and the position is open until filled.

Station Manager Gavin Dahl informed the KDNK Board of Directors that he will be resigning, effective at the end of June. He and his family are moving south to Montrose, where he will be the first-ever KVNF radio staffer based at their new Studio M location. The opportunity affords him a chance to slow down and spend more time with his 1-year old daughter, while focusing his creative energy on producing news and hosting on-air.

Despite ongoing economic uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic, KDNK is in sound financial condition. The station secured important emergency grants from the Small Business Administration and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, thanks to the CARES Act, that will help KDNK continue to thrive throughout the current fiscal year. The mortgage on the studio building is scheduled to be completely paid off by the end of 2023, and the station maintains a healthy reserve of stocks and bonds equivalent to about 40% of annual operation costs. Gavin leaves behind a talented and loyal team of staff members who have stepped up mightily during the pandemic to facilitate approximately one thousand hours of remote volunteer programming on top of their normal duties the past two months.

Membership, listenership, grants, and community engagement have all grown steadily under Gavin’s ambitious and devoted leadership. His big picture understanding of the media landscape and energetic guidance of the station’s direction paid dividends for the station’s purpose, on-air engagement, and effective outreach. Among his day-to-day successes, Gavin helped foster partnerships between KDNK and organizations such as CORE, the Aspen Art Museum, Carbondale and Basalt Chambers of Commerce, The Arts Campus at Willits, Belly Up Aspen, Carbondale Clay Center and others in the Carbondale Creative District. Over the past three years, KDNK sought and achieved greater clarity for the station’s accounting, increased remote broadcasting of live concerts and talks, co-created new signature events including The Hoot and Halloween Dance Party, while supporting the women-led revivals of Ladies Arm Wrestling at Phat Thai and Mr. Roaring Fork at Batch.

Gavin hosted the weekly in-depth interview show ‘Booked’ as well as numerous music shows. He oversaw the return of a clean 88.3 signal to Glenwood Springs and the launch of the new 99.9 signal for Snowmass Village and Aspen. He also built the station’s email newsletter into an artful compendium of news, free tickets, and community connection, reaching up to 2500 people each week. The station’s community-centered response to both the Lake Christine Fire and Coronavirus crises have earned high praise, and its news reporting brought home six awards this spring from the Colorado Broadcasters Association and the Radio Television Digital News Association. The board will carry many of Gavin’s ideas forward into its strategic planning process. He won’t be forgotten as our Station Manager or as our friend.

A hiring committee has begun the important process of hiring KDNK’s first Executive Director and would appreciate your help in spreading the word. If you, or someone you know, is interested in this uniquely challenging and rewarding job, please send a resume, letter of interest, and 3 professional references to [email protected].

For media contact, call: 
KDNK Board Secretary Chris Hassig at 970-274-6222 or
KDNK General Manager Gavin Dahl at 970-963-0139.

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