“What is a Soft Target?” Seminar

A majority of Soft Targets, such as sports and shopping venues, schools, and transportation systems that are easily accessible to large numbers of people are owned and operated by the private sector. Soft Targets typically have limited security or protective measures in place making them vulnerable to attack. With recent shifts in the threat landscape, it is imperative that private sector partners have a renewed focus on securing these Soft Targets. This workshop will provide valuable information and resources that will emphasize the importance of private stakeholders coordinating with local, state, and federal partners.

This program is a free, three hour presentation presented by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Protective Security Advisor, a Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) Analyst, and a Counterterrorism Education and Learning Lab 365 Series Presenter. It will include the following topics:

What is a Soft Target?

  • Threats facing soft targets across the country, around the world and across industries.
  • Common vulnerabilities of soft targets.
  • Suggested emergency/security planning considerations for soft targets.
  • Procedural and physical security measures.
  • Resources to assist soft targets pursue additional actions.

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