Essay about Cell Phones

The variety of topics for essays is vast. One of the recent problems that should be explored in essays is the usage of cell phones. However, some students find it difficult to write essays about cell phones as they cannot find good ideas on the issue.

If you are one of such students, than this article is for you. It presents several topics that you can disclose in your essay about cell phones. Consider them below.

  1. The first possible topic for essay about cell phones is the invention and development of this mean of communication. You may include the history of cell phones, describe the first phones and compare it with modern cell phones.
  2. You can write your essay about cell phones about advantages and disadvantages of their usage and their influence on people’s health or try to find essay writing sites that accept paypal.
  3. These days the reason of many car accidents is the usage of cell phones during driving. Thus, here is another possible topic for your essay about cell phones. You can discuss this problem in your essay and advice on alternative ways of providing the law that forbids usage of the cell phones while driving.
  4. Another possible topic for the essay about cell phones are the innovations in this industry. You can tell about the popularity of iPhones and touchpods. In such essay about cell phones, you can tell about such companies as Nokia, Samsung and Macintosh.
  5. You can also give an advice on how to choose cell phones and describe a perfect phone in the essay about cell phones.

One more topic for essay about cell phones is "Cell Phones for Young Children and Kids". Say about the popularity of such phones among children and for what purposes they use them. You can mention several restrictions to be provided for kid’s usage of cell phones.

And the last topic for the essay about cell phones are their basic principles of work.


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