Phase 10 Post-Auction Repack Transition Termination Date

Date(s) - 07/03/20
All Day

Phase 10 Post-Auction Repack Transition Termination Date—Stations assigned to Transition Phase 10 must cease operating on their pre-auction channel by this date. See Item of Note III below for additional information.


TV Spectrum Repack Filing Deadlines: TV stations transitioning to a new channel in the spectrum repack have been assigned to one of ten successive transition phases, each with its own timeline governing when the station may begin testing on its new channel and when it must cease operations on its pre-auction channel. Since late 2017, all full-power and Class A television stations that are being repacked have been required to file FCC Form 2100, Schedule 387 (“Form 387”) by the tenth day following each calendar quarter. These Transition Progress Reports detail a station’s current progress in constructing facilities for its new channel and ending operations on its current channel. This reporting requirement continues until the station has finished its transition and has filed a final report indicating that fact. In addition to these quarterly reports, transitioning stations must file Transition Progress Reports ten weeks before the end of their assigned construction deadline, ten days after completion of all work related to constructing their postrepack facilities, and five days after ceasing operations on their pre-auction channel. The FCC has also established several other important repack-related deadlines; more information about the specific transition phases and related deadlines can be found in our CommLawCenter article on the subject.