Thu, Dec 1 from 10:00am to 11:00am

There has been much activity on the Federal marijuana front this year.  While marijuana remains illegal under Federal law, banks are pressing Congress to allow dispensaries to take credit cards, Congress is considering bills to decriminalize marijuana and there’s even a push to prevent the FCC from penalizing broadcasters that air ads for this business category.  Add to that, President Biden has recently jumped into the fracas granting pardons for those arrested for marijuana possession. To help make sense of this we’ll gaze into the tea “leaf” and try to give a sense of what the future holds for this highly debated plant. CBA attorney Frank Montero of Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth will present a discussion on what is legal, what’s advisable, and what not to do in the crazy, mixed up world of broadcast and marijuana.  Register below.

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