November 8, 2022
Job Type
Part Time


General Description 

The BeOnAir Network is an organization that instructs students in all areas of the broadcast industry to become the next generation of media professionals. Our brand promise is “Learn from a Pro to Become a Pro”; students are trained by broadcast media professionals working in the field. The organization operates as seven campuses across Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, and Miami. Like all members of the BeOnAir Network staff, the instructor is expected to project the organization's core values and core purpose.  This position supports a college and creative culture and ensures graduates are fully ready for entry level employment opportunities. 


The BeOnAir Network is a comprehensive institution which places primary emphasis on excellence in classroom instruction. The instructor in this position is primarily responsible and accountable for classroom management and instruction. This individual will ensure that customer centric actions, student engagement, student retention, and proper student evaluations and metrics are met. 


Scorecard accountabilities: student surveys, classroom observations, attendance rate, student engagement, instructor rating  


BeOnAir Network Core Values and Definitions:  

Core Values – personal, ethical, and ideological guidelines that set the standard for every aspect of business operation from hiring to decision making to strategic planning.  


BeOnAir Network Core Purpose:  

Graduate students who are preferred choice of broadcast media business to hire, partner or outsource entry level opportunities. 


Essential Job Functions 

  • This individual is accountable for the progress of students and therefore assessing, evaluating, advising students. 

  • Work in conjunction with the Education Department to identify students not on target with requirements. 

  • Assess and evaluate each student through progress reporting. 

  • Promote and if need be, conduct student satisfaction surveys. 

  • Motivate students to attend class every day. 

  • Participate in professional one on one student meetings. 

  • Ensure students achieve end of term and end of program objectives. 

  • Report daily attendance, comments, concerns and progress on students. 

  • Contact students who are not in attendance.  

  • Maintain campus and classroom inventory. 

  • Resolve equipment issues and report problems to IT team. 

  • Provide timely and accurate grades to students and Director of Education. 

  • Ensure that less than 10% of active students are present and on time to class. 

  • Be a mentor to students. 

  • Work closely with new students to orient and onboard them.  

  • Actively contribute to the campus’s graduation and retention rates. 

  • Implement retention improvement programs. 

  • Required ongoing training and professional development.  

  • Provide tutoring services to students.   

Supervision Received 

This is an independent position supervised by the National Director of Curriculum and Faculty, Campus Director, and Director of Education. 

Supervision of Others 

This individual manages and evaluates the academic progress of the students. 

Physical Demands 

In order to fully service the staff and student needs this position requires the employee to often physically move from department as well as present multiples lectures for long periods of time. This is not a sedentary position. 

  1. Occasional lifting, bending and climbing stairs 

  1. Frequently talking, listening, walking, sitting and standing 

  1. Ability to perform multiple concurrent tasks and function in a fast paced working environment


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