Broadcast Education & Development

For CBA Member Stations’ Employees

This program is for regular, full-time broadcast employees who are seeking to improve their education while continuing to work. Please review the Guidelines and Rules before submitting an application. Fill out the application below for consideration.

Guidelines and Rules

Educational Background

include major





Station of Employment

Applicant must be employed full-time at a Colorado radio or television station for at least six (6) months prior to seeking a scholarship.

Employment Record

include internships

Amount Sought and Required Attachments

Do NOT include airfare, lodging, meals or any travel related expenses.
If your employer is contributing, please show amount.
If you are contributing, please show amount.
Total amount sought from CBA, minus other contributions, if any.

Before submitting this application, please include:

1. Description of the course/event for which scholarship is being sought.
2. Documentation of the course/event’s cost (screen shots are acceptable).
3. Brief statement of why the course/event is a benefit to your qualifications/career goals.
4. Any special circumstances bearing on this application.

Descriptions, documentation, statements and any additional information maybe attached or linked below. A link or attachment will suffice, you do not need to submit both.

File upload (PDF preferred)...
...or URL to couse description
File upload (PDF preferred)...
...or URL to course/event cost
File upload (PDF preferred)...
The CBA may request additional information in order to make a final determination.


The applicant"s manager will be contacted to verify this application. If you are the station manager, enter your information.

This form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the CBA may choose to decline my application for any reason and that, in that event, I’m free to try again for a future educational opportunity. If approved, I understand that I am responsible for providing accurate remittance information and must wait until the new fiscal year (on or after next July 1st) before I can apply for another BEDP scholarship from the CBA.

I hereby grant to the Colorado Broadcasters Association the right and permission to use in perpetuity, my name, likeness, image, biographical information, and statements, in any manner and in any media, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing the Colorado Broadcasters Association products, programs, and services, without review, permission, or compensation of any amount or kind whatsoever.

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