State Plan

The Colorado State Emergency Alert plan was written and revised throughout 1997 and received approval on October 23, 1997, by Frank Lucia at the FCC EAS headquarters in Washington, D.C. Since this is a dynamic plan, it is subject to changes and revisions as needed. It will be reviewed once a year for major changes.

If you note any errors in the plans, such as change of call signs, incorrect names or addresses, etc., contact the State Co-Chairs with the corrections.

To assist you in downloading the plan, it has been divided and placed as follows on several webpages.

The Plan: Full text and Table of Contents
Appendix A: Table of broadcast monitoring assignments of the 13 local areas
Appendix B: Boundary map of Colorado’s thirteen  Local Areas (1 page)
Appendix C: NOAA Weather Radio Stations and Coverage (2 pages)
Appendix D: The Colorado State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC)
Appendix E: Authorizing Signatures
Appendix F: Glossary of Terms and  Acronyms (6 pages)
Appendix G: Yearly RMT Schedules (PDF)
Appendix H: List of cable systems with their two required monitoring sources (PDF)