Virtual Job Fairs


Per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, broadcast stations with 5 or more full-time employees must engage in supplemental efforts to inform the public of available job positions.

    1. Virtual Job Fairs fall under the auspices of the FCC’s 16 menu options under “Outreach Prong 3” for recruitment requirements (see page 6.) By participating in 4 virtual job fairs within a 2-year period, a station may fulfill part (iv) of the FCC’s list of given options.
    2. To earn Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) credit, participating broadcasters must demonstrate “meaningful involvement in the implementation of the event.” One way to satisfy this is to promote the event within a station’s programming schedule. Upon registration, the CBA will provide a sample script for your local talent to produce.
    3. The Virtual Job Fair is “open” 24/7. Guests with questions, whether about a specific job or about the broadcast industry in general, must receive a response within 24 hours.
    4. Following the conclusion of the Virtual Job Fair, the CBA will provide your hiring agent with an official participation letter, website statistics, and applicant listings for your public file.

Virtual Job Fairs are provided for free to CBA members. Non-Members can participate for $100.00 per fair.

Downloads and Links:

The FCC’s Equal Employment Opportunity Rules and Policies – A Guide for Broadcasters

Broadcasters Virtual Job Fair Website

Download Sample Radio Script Download Sample TV Script