About the CBA

Formed in 1949 as a non-profit trade organization, the Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) has a long history of service to broadcasters and citizens of the state.

Over the years the CBA has provided thousands of dollars for college scholarships, worked to provide public media access to the courts and fought to open public records. Among its many activities, the CBA is probably best known for its annual “Awards Of Excellence,” which honor broadcasters’ service to their communities.

Representing broadcasters, both public and private, the association interacts with state and national officials and trade groups to further the business of broadcasting.

The CBA is administered by a thirteen-member Board of Directors and a President/CEO. The board consists of twelve active broadcasters and a representative from the Associate Member ranks. Board Members are elected for a period of three years. Officers are elected from the sitting board.

Its mission, beginning in those early days in 1949, was to “build a stronger broadcast industry.” It remains so today.

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