The Colorado Broadcasters Association provides a Non-Commercial Supporting Announcements (NCSA) Program for use by government agencies and non-profit organizations. Through this program, these groups are able to contract with the CBA for statewide distribution of their message on Colorado radio and television stations.

Upon deciding to utilize the NCSA program, the CBA promotes and distributes the NCSA partner’s message statewide, providing continuity and communication with its members.  The CBA also collects station affidavits of performance and places them into a summary report that is presented to the NCSA partner.

In exchange, the Colorado Broadcasters Association is paid for its services by the NCSA partner.  The association uses the funds raised by the NCSA program to provide membership services to Colorado’s radio and television members.

What is the NCSA Program?

The Non-Commercial Supporting Announcement (NCSA) is a series of community oriented messages, sponsored by a non-profit organization or government agency, broadcast over the air by radio and/or television stations in Colorado. The airtime is donated by stations throughout Colorado to the CBA. Funds raised through the NCSA program support various member programs and services such as the Continuing Education Scholarship Program, free Legal Q&A, training programs and Job Fairs just to name a few. Broadcasters value these services and help keep the association healthy and capable by running the NCSA campaigns voluntarily.

Who is eligible to participate?

Non-profit organizations and government agencies are eligible participants. Those with limited funding for statewide awareness campaigns can utilize NCSA to get affordable statewide distribution of their message. Participants cannot purchase radio and/or television advertising while participating in an NCSA campaign.

What is the CBA’s role?

  • Assistance in the creation of your announcements (may incur added expenses).
  • Distribution of announcements with broadcast instructions to Colorado radio and television stations.
  • Promotion of your organization’s campaign prior to and throughout the term of the campaign.
  • Continuity and collection of monthly affidavits of performance to provide a monthly value summary for the NCSA partner.

How does CBA benefit from the NCSA program?

The income that the CBA receives through the NCSA Program helps the association offer services and programs that help strengthen local broadcasters throughout Colorado. This is done, for example, by providing high quality, timely professional business and legal advice and other educational seminars.


  • Participants must be government agencies or non-profit.
  • Participants cannot purchase radio or television advertising for twelve (12) months prior to or during their NCSA campaign.
  • Political candidates and/or elected officials are not allowed to appear, in person, by name or provide voiceovers for any NCSA campaign during political windows, as defined by the FCC.
  • The Colorado Broadcasters Association sponsorship tag must be included on all creative.
  • In an effort to not overload member stations’ inventory, or dilute the effectiveness of the NCSA program, a limit is set on the number of campaigns concurrently running during a given period.
  • The CBA reserves the right to reject any NCSA campaign for any reason.