May 2, 2024
Job Type
Part Time


Hours: 8:45am - 1:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Minimum Prior Experience/Qualifications Required: at least 3 years in TV/video production industry.

Send resume to: [email protected]

Essential Job Functions

-      This individual is accountable for the progress of students and therefore assessing, evaluating, and advising students.

-      Ensure the classroom is an engaging learning environment with identified learning objectives which need to be met.

-      Work in conjunction with the Education Department to identify students not on target with requirements.

-      Monitor, assess and evaluate each student through progress reporting, including online work.

-      Promote and if need be, conduct student satisfaction surveys.

-      Ensure students complete their assigned online work on campus during designated periods.

-      Motivate students to attend class every day.

-      Participate in professional one on one student meetings.

-      Ensure students achieve end of term and end of program objectives.

-      Report daily attendance, comments, concerns, and progress on students.

-      Contact students who are not in attendance.

-      Maintain campus and classroom inventory.

-      Resolve equipment issues and report problems to IT team.

-      Provide timely and accurate grades to students and Director of Education.

-      Ensure that less than 10% of active students are present and on time to class.

-      Be a mentor to students.

-      Work closely with new students to orient and onboard them.

-      Actively contribute to the campus’s graduation and retention rates.

-      Implement retention improvement programs.

-      Required ongoing training and professional development.

-      Provide tutoring services to students.  

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