FM Radio Now a Sprint Smartphone App

As you have likely seen in the trades, Sprint will begin installing the NextRadio® application in a selection of their wireless devices over the coming years.

This App will act as a traditional FM receiver, picking up over-the-air signals of all FM stations within range. The App will offer your station, at no charge, the ability to display your radio station’s logo, when a listener tunes into your station. This basic service is currently being offered, for free, to every FM radio station in the United States. Emmis Communications, the developer of the App, has stated that no fee will ever be charged to broadcasters for the basic service of the NextRadio® App.

Enhanced features, such as displaying album art, artist and title information, and “enhanced advertising” such as coupons, geo-targeted advertising, contests and the like will also be available with the NextRadio® App for additional fees and revenue sharing.

To include your station’s logo, at no cost, in the NextRadio® App visit HERE.

To see a demo of the NextRadio® App visit HERE.

Click to read the Emmis Communications press release.