Wick Rowland’s Retirement Leaves Open Metro Market TV Seat


As many of us learned earlier this year, Wick Rowland retired from CPT12 after an outstanding career in broadcasting and education. Wick’s final month on the CBA Board of Directors will be September.

With Wick’s departure, a Metro Market TV seat is left open. While Wick did a phenomenal job representing Public Broadcasting, there is no requirement to replace Wick with a Public Broadcaster.

An early resignation from an elected board member allows the remaining board members to review applications, from interested parties, and appoint a replacement. TV station managers representing Metro Market Denver are encouraged to nominate themselves or an appointed individual to represent their station on the board.

Letters of interest and resumes need to be received at the CBA’s office by 5pm, Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 to be considered at the next board meeting. Letters and resumes can be emailed to [email protected], faxed to (720) 536-5259 or mailed to:

333 W. Hampden Avenue
Suite 620
Englewood, CO 80110

We thank all the individuals who voluntarily give their valuable time to help guide the Colorado Broadcasters Association. For more information on board of director’s terms and responsibilities, call (720) 536-5427.