TEST ABIP Application

Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) Application

Complete and submit a separate application for each set of call letters to be inspected. Station submitting application hereby requests a Colorado Broadcasters Association Alternative Broadcast Inspection for the following station. It is understood that the station will be contacted by the contract inspector to arrange the date of the inspection.  

Payment must be received, by the CBA, prior to the scheduled inspection date.

(physical location)
(Please provide the estimated one way travel time from the station to the transmitter time.)
(Please provide any information that will help the inspector with planning. (i.e. scheduling conflicts, vacations, transmitter site travel time, COVID safety precautions, etc.)

Contact Information

If the same as Station/General Manager re-enter information.

Authorization and Indemnification

i. Whereas, under the auspices of the 1) Colorado Broadcasters Association, the 2) Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) Inspector Ross Stephen Campbell (DBA Entronics) will assist the 3) station(s) and facilities listed in this and other application including 4) the stations’ and facilities entire ownership chain (all 4 of which are herein referred to as Parties), in a good faith effort to enter the premises’, inspect and attempt to certify compliance with the basic regulatory issues defined by the 1) U.S. Federal Communications Commission, by 2) any other regulatory agency that may be appropriate (FAA, OSHA and others) and 3) by appropriate industry practice (the 3 collectively referred to as Rules). As the Rules are complex and constantly changing, the inspection herein contemplated is intended to be a good faith effort by Parties to cover the most common deficiencies found in broadcast facilities and is not intended to assure compliance with the entire spectrum of requirements for broadcast facilities. This inspection is not intended to eliminate the Parties need for local engineering support, appropriate business and industry specific legal counsel, nor technical consultation.

ii. It is therefore mutually agreed that Parties shall not hold any of the Parties liable for nor pursue litigation against any of the Parties, and Parties shall indemnify and hold harmless all other Parties for any event or circumstance, be it real or perceived, in connection with this agreement, for any action performed under this agreement and for the presence of any Parties on the property of any Parties.

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