RAB Professional Development Courses

The CBA has teamed with the Radio Advertising Bureau to offer our members free RAB Professional Development Courses. Member stations will have access to three free courses, per ownership, per market during the CBA’s fiscal year (July-June). After a member’s three courses have been exhausted they will still have the opportunity to purchase additional courses for $100 each (a value of $489/ea.)

RAB Professional Development courses deliver the RAB’s highly-acclaimed classes right to your sales representative’s computer, providing access to training anytime and anywhere they have internet. The RAB Professional Development Courses combine video with text, learner interaction, and online quizzes for a complete learning experience: the most relevant training available in an entertaining, easy learning format. What’s more, Sales Managers are able to monitor progress of classes and accreditation via email notification. Certification is offered in the following areas:

Radio Marketing Professional (RMP)

RAB’s Certified Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) brings the best of our highly-acclaimed classroom training to your newest Radio sellers, anytime, anywhere. The 17-module course covers effectively positioning yourself as a marketing consultant, maximizing your time, prospecting, appointments, CNAs, written presentations, Co-op and Alternative Revenue, competitive media and more.

Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC)

The Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) is for sellers with a minimum of 18 months experience, or those having at least one year of experience AND having earned their RMP. With an intense focus on helping your top billers bill even more, this program will allow your advanced sellers the opportunity to grow their expertise with little or no time off the street. The course focus includes personal branding, advanced scheduling techniques, new revenue streams, negotiation, consumer marketing, and more.

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC)

The Radio Advertising Bureau has just released the all new Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) 2020 certification course.  The course has been completely redesigned to reflect the changing landscape, and the changing ways we learn. It has nine main sections and each section is broken down into short, actionable, content modules.  The CDMC 2020 is made specifically for the radio seller who wants to transition into a multi-platform, multi-channel marketing expert.

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