Awards 2021 – Future Broadcasters Awards

Awards of Excellence

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Future Broadcasters Awards – Best College Television DU art students & COVID-19, Natalie Schiller

DU art students & COVID-19, Natalie Schiller

DUTV / Denver
Future Broadcasters Awards – Best High School Television KRAM 9/30/21, Makenna Blatnick, Ellia Bono, Adam Carlson

KRAM 9/30/21, Makenna Blatnick, Ellia Bono, Adam Carlson

Rampart High School / Colorado Springs

Future Broadcasters Award
This category is an opportunity for students attending Colorado high schools and colleges to be recognized for their broadcast proficiency. All Colorado high school and college radio and/or television programs are candidates for this award. Each school’s radio and television station can submit up to 3 entries, per station, at no charge. All entries must be submitted via the CBA’s online entry platform by a designated faculty member or advisor. Students must choose from the existing radio or television categories, excluding R15 and ‘Station of the Year’, and content must have been written and produced during the 2020-2021 school year. School announcements or podcasts are acceptable entries. All Awards of Excellence rules apply to the Future Broadcasters Award, with the exception of rules 2, 5, 9, 13 and 15. Four winners will be selected (one radio and one television winner from the high school and college entries) by a panel of CBA-appointed judges. Student winners are recognized with an Award of Excellence plaque at the CBA’s Awards of Excellence Gala. Winning students may attend with up to one guest at no charge.

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