Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia | Founder | Global Media Services
Associate Candidate


Tony has over 40 years of experience in radio syndication, marketing, and podcasting. Tony’s expertise and innovative approach have made him a sought-after speaker and authority in startup businesses, marketing strategies, and revenue generation.

Tony got his start in audio while still in college. He created and produced America’s first and only New Wave music countdown show, which aired on over 80 college stations and a dozen European outlets. Since then, he has started several businesses and launched successful radio programs, podcasts, and multi-media projects.

In 1983, Tony began working at leading radio networks, including the Progressive Radio Network, The Wall Street Journal Report, and United Stations Radio Network, where he was named Director of Affiliate Acquisitions. Over the years, he has syndicated short- and long-form radio shows in Country, Adult Contemporary, Hot AC, and News Talk. In 2010, he joined as VP, working with over 1,000 radio stations, TV stations, and Cable MSOs before founding Global Media Services.

Today, Tony owns Global Media Services and manages the syndication of Bob & Sheri, America’s leading AC morning show, which he took national in 1996. Under his direction, Bob & Sheri is now heard on more than 70 stations nationwide. He also produces and represents programs and services to help stations work smarter, sound better, and make more money. He has garnered praise from affiliate partners because Tony believes in ongoing communications with advertising partners, producers, and affiliates.

Tony has imparted his wisdom and insights at prestigious events such as NAB Show 2023 and Radio Sales Summit 2023. His topics range from initiating a business journey at age 19 to marketing to women to uncovering new revenue opportunities. His presentations are enriched by his real-world experiences and the vast knowledge he’s gained over decades.

Projects Tony has been involved with have been recognized regionally and nationally by the National Association of Broadcasters and American Women in Media. He has been recognized by Radio Ink Magazine as a Hispanic Marketer of the Year finalist in 2021, 2022, and 2023. He has recently been named by Radio Ink as one of the Top 20 Leaders for 2024.

Reason for Running

I have enjoyed being part of the CBA board of directors and am proud of what the organization has been able to do for broadcasters in our state. I feel it’s essential to give back and try to help improve an industry that has been very good to me for so many years. I believe my experience as a small business owner who has also worked in larger organizations as well as on both the sales and media buying sides of the industry bring key insights and a broad perspective to the board as it addresses regulatory issues and technological challenges broadcasters face.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue this work, especially in helping generate interest in broadcasting in high school and college students, showing them this is still a vibrant and dynamic industry with excellent career opportunities in addition to the challenges I listed earlier. I look forward to continuing to serve and contribute.


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