Board of Directors Nomination

CBA bylaws require that nominations be collected during the month of April from those members interested in challenging an incumbent director, up for re-election, or running for an open seat. The annual election will be held during the month of May with election results announced in June.

There are four incumbent board members who will run again for their currently held seats and there are two open seats. The incumbent and open seats include Metro Market Radio, Medium Market Radio, Non-Metro Television and Small Market Television. Please check HERE to confirm market sizes before submitting a nomination.

  • Board of Director terms are three years and there are four board meetings per year that require attendance. During the month of April we welcome nominations from members, from the markets sizes noted above, to run for an open seat or challenge an incumbent director.
  • Open seats and those up for re-election only include those noted above.
  • Nominations are accepted until 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2022.
  • To nominate yourself or a broadcast member you must submit the appropriate form below, prior to deadline.
  • Nominees must be CBA members in good standing, and station owners or managers. Appointees submitted by station management will be reviewed and considered by the Board.

Candidates will be finalized on April 30th and election ballots will be distributed to all members in May. Election results will be announced in June. If you have questions about the CBA’s Board of Directors, director involvement, requirements and/or responsibilities please contact Justin Sasso.