Essential Frontline Journalists

UPDATE: February 26, 2021


If your station already submitted a list of Essential Frontline Journalists (EFJ) contacts, DO NOT resubmit. We will send out a confirmation email, with the names received, to the individual who submitted them. This will be the final opportunity for stations to proof the list and add or remove names.

The deadline is Wednesday, March 3rd at 5:00 p.m.

Today, the Governor’s office provided an update on Essential Frontline Journalist (EFJ) vaccinations. The CBA was informed that vaccination supplies were lower than anticipated, requiring an update to the vaccination distribution phases.

A new classification, 1B4, has been created and is now the phase where Essential Frontline Journalists will be eligible for their vaccination. Originally, the timeline we were given for EFJ vaccinations was early March. We are now being told it will be mid to late March. A more specific time will be provided to the CBA, by the Governor’s office, next week.

While this was not the news we wanted to receive, we understand that the Colorado Department of Public Health is trying to hit a moving target. The CBA is cooperating, while being patiently persistent, in order to not get EFJs moved into a later phase.

There are positive signs that we’re getting closer to EFJ vaccinations. On this morning’s call, the Governor’s office directed us to confirm the emails and counties that we collected from stations, in January. We will then resubmit the lists to our contact at the Colorado Department of Public Health by Friday, March 5th. From there, the Colorado Department of Public Health and it’s health providers will reach out to the people on our list with details on how to receive their vaccination, in their county, with a registration link.

Lists of “Essential Frontline Journalists” will only be accepted via the online form. Please do not email lists of names to the CBA. The Governor’s office has asked that stations and journalists not contact them directly regarding EFJ vaccinations. They have assigned the CBA and Colorado Press Association as their media points of contact. Anything they receive directly will be forwarded to the appropriate association, further delaying, or possibly missing, the window for EFJ vaccinations.

There is no guarantee that all names submitted will receive the vaccination. Vaccinations could be delayed due to supply shortages or changes to the phase distribution schedule. The CBA will do its best to communicate any changes with the person responsible for submitting the form below. The CBA will NOT communicate directly with names on the list. It is our understanding that the Colorado Department of Health and its health care partners will reach out to each journalist, via email, directly with instructions on how to receive their vaccination.

The following description of “Essential Frontline Journalists” was provided by Colorado Public Radio. We suggest that your company use a similar definition while identifying “Essential Frontline Journalists.”

CPR defines frontline journalists as those who are required to regularly work in public spaces and directly with the public – those journalists who would be most likely to be exposed to COVID-19. This includes reporters, photographers and news production staff in the field. Colorado Matters staff and other producers who are directly meeting in person with guests would also be included.