2017 Webcasting Compliance Instructions

The links below provide documents outlining the obligations for all webcasters in 2017 under the statutory license applicable to webcasting.

There are three separate documents: one for Commercial Webcasters, one for Noncommercial Webcasters, and one for Noncommercial Educational Webcasters.

The attachments provide information to identify and file required forms and make required payments by the upcoming January 31, 2017 deadline for annual minimum payments required under the statutory license.  They also allow webcasters to plan for the filings and payments that they may have to make on a regular basis throughout the year.  You should be able to click on any hyperlinked word in the Microsoft Word document to access the proper form.  Unfortunately, only the Annual Minimum Fee Statement of Account forms are currently available; we will circulate an updated version when the other (monthly) forms are posted.

These forms are provided by Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth and free to CBA members only.

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