CBA Provides CFOIC Membership

As the CBA continues to grow the services its provides to its members, we are excited to announce a new 2014 member benefit.

Your CBA membership now includes, at no additional cost, membership in the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition (CFOIC).

The CFOIC is a nonpartisan alliance of groups and individuals dedicated to ensuring the transparency of state and local governments in Colorado by promoting freedom of the press, open courts and open access to government records and meetings.

Your CFOIC membership, now part of your CBA membership, includes:

  • Expedited hotline assistance
  • Discounts for seminars and other events
  • Emailed newsletters

CFOIC’s initiatives:

  • Open-government seminars
  • Hotlines supported by the state’s leading media-law attorneys
  • Blog, newsfeed and online resources
  • Monitoring the legislature, state agencies, courts and local governments for open-government actions and issues
  • Court actions in support of greater government transparency
  • Participating in multi-lateral efforts to clarify, modernize and strengthen open-government legislation
  • Connecting citizens who are denied access with attorneys who would represent them on a pro bono or fee-recovery basis

To learn more about the CFOIC visit