Navigating the FCC’s EEO Rules & Public File Requirements Webinar

The archive of this webinar is now available on the CBA’s website.

With the changes in ownership, personnel, and hiring efforts that inevitably occur at stations over time, it is important that station owners, managers, and hiring personnel are on top of the FCC’s rules and requirements for EEO and Public File.

This webinar provides a primer on the FCC’s Equal Employment Opportunity rules, including the outreach required for the opening of jobs at stations, the non-vacancy related activities that stations should be engaging in, and the record-keeping requirements to make sure you keep all the necessary documents to support what the station did.

This webinar will also detail the obligations for station’s public files.

The goal is to refresh your understanding of the rules, provide insight into the FCC’s enforcement and guidance in the past few years, and highlight some common pitfalls.

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