CBA Files Comments on EAS and National Test

On September 8th, the CBA jointly filed, with all the state broadcast associations, a letter to the FCC regarding EAS and the national test. In summary,  the following arguments were made: (1)          The State Associations support the NAB’s position that “000000” should be used as the National EAS Location Code; (2)          The... Read More.

“Local Choice” Legislation Removed from STAVRA Bill

Thanks to the many television and radio stations that aired the NAB's "Keep My TV" campaign, as well as the in-state meetings between our CBA members and Congressional leaders, "Local Choice" has been removed from the Satellite Television Acccess and Viewer Rights Act (STAVRA). Once... Read More.

CBA Jointly Files Regarding Public File Online for Radio

On August 28th a letter was filed with the Commission, in response to their request for comment, regarding whether it should initiate a rule making proceeding to extend to radio station licensees the Commission’s current online public inspection file/political file regulations. In summary, the State... Read More.

CBA Opposes “Local Choice”

In a letter addressed to Senators Rockefeller and Thune, the CBA with 49 state broadcast associations made it clear that we oppose the proposed "Local Choice" legislation. The letter points to the discriminatory nature of the legislation, singling out... Read More.

Facts and Figures You Need to Successfully Budget for 2015

Mark Fratrick, Vice President at BIA Financial Network, will release his forecast for next year. Learn the trends, economic factors, and revenue projections by medium, ad category, and type so your 2015 budget will be spot-on.

Website to Promote Activation of FM Chip Launches

Today’s smartphones already have an FM receiver! This means that all listeners would have easy access to radio for the entertainment they love and information they need, but wireless carriers are dragging their feet and won’t activate the FM chips that are in every smartphone. FM radio... Read More.

CBA Responds to Senator’s NEWS Act Legislation

The Colorado Broadcasters Association appreciates both Senators Udall and Bennet’s desire to bring Colorado programming to the beautiful Four Corners region of our state. We empathize with the frustration felt by the pay-TV viewers in these counties who want to see their... Read More.

CBA Works with CFOIC for CORA Standardization

On Friday, May 2nd, Governor Hickenlooper signed HB 14-1193. The CBA, in partnership with the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition (CFOIC) and the Colorado Press Association worked to pass this bill. The Bill will standardize fees that Colorado governments charge to fulfill requests for... Read More.

Governor Signs Medina Alert Into Law

On March 25th, 2014, Governor Hickenlooper signed the Medina Alert into law. This new alerting system will be used in hit-and-run cases, involving serious injury or death, to broadcast information to the general public through highway signs and the media. Through the CBA's... Read More.