CBA & SUKLE Launch Reboot Colorado Campaign

Initiative designed to kick start Colorado’s economy by supporting area small, independent businesses and restaurants.

COLORADO, (5/26/20) – Imagine you own a small business. It could be a coffee shop or a five-star restaurant, a car repair shop, or an upscale clothing store. Whatever it is, you’ve
poured your heart, soul, and often your own money into making a go of it. Now imagine a global pandemic shutting down everything for an undetermined amount of time. What happens next?
Small, independent business is the backbone of our economy and these businesses have been especially hard hit during the new coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Sukle Advertising & Design and the Colorado Broadcasters Association have teamed up to launch ReBoot Colorado, an initiative to support small businesses recovering from the economic crisis brought on by COVID-19.
“This has been a tough time for everyone, especially those of us with small businesses,” said Mike Sukle founder and creative director at Sukle Advertising & Design. “We have an intimate view of the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses like ours. But we have seen the data and we know that if small businesses – from brew pubs to bakeries to barbers – can make a come- back, that will be the key for the entire economic rebound across the state. Small businesses need to succeed, and we want to help them do so.”

The ReBoot Colorado campaign is an integrated statewide effort to drive customers to local businesses and independent restaurants. Chief among the components is a series of television commercials Sukle produced on a shoestring featuring honest-to-goodness Colorado business owners. These real people, and their real performances, inspired the spots to take a humorous twist. The tagline at the end reads, “Making commercials during a pandemic is hard. Supporting small businesses is easy.”

The Colorado Broadcasters Association will be distributing the spots to its network of over 40 Colorado television stations across the state. The campaign also will be distributed to over 315 Colorado radio stations, once those messages are completed.

A ReBoot Colorado website has been crafted as well providing a wealth of assets that small business owners can use to tap into the movement including signage and logos for social media posts.
Sukle noted how inspiring the whole effort has been. “No one hesitated for a moment when we asked for help. And the businesses that we met are doing such amazing things to adapt and help their communities. The campaign has already demonstrated the resilience of our state.”

“Small business truly serves as the foundation of our economy, while driving innovation and compet- itiveness. My parents were small business owners and I was too,” added Justin Sasso, President and CEO of the Colorado Broadcasters Association. “It’s important to note 67-cents of every dollar spent with a small business stays in that community. Buying local means you are also supporting the people these businesses employ. The shutdown of commerce here in Colorado was unprecedented and it became immediately clear that something needed to be done to remind Coloradans that businesses need their support now, more than ever.”

Reboot Colorado is a public service effort created in partnership between the Colorado Broadcasters Association and Sukle Advertising & Design, with significant contributions from Futuristic Films. More information is at or follow on Instagram @reboot_colorado.


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Formed in 1949 as a non-profit trade organization, the Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA) has a long history of service to broadcasters and citizens of the state. Over the years the CBA has
provided thousands of dollars for scholarships, worked to provide public media access to the courts and fought to open public records. Among its many activities the CBA is probably best known for its annual “Awards Of Excellence,” which honor broadcasters’ service to their communities. Representing broadcasters, both public and private, the association interacts with state and national officials and trade groups to further the business of broadcasting. The CBA’s mission, beginning in those early days, was to “build a stronger broadcast industry.” It remains so today.
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