CBA’s Joint Lobbying Efforts Result in FCC Reduction of 2021 Regulatory Fees

After two years of filed comments and letters to FCC Commissioners, from the CBA, the FCC announced yesterday that it plans to reduce its proposed regulatory fees for the broadcast industry for 2021. The proposed regulatory fees for broadcasters dropped by about 9%.  As a result, the FCC’s large proposed fee increases were avoided, and in most cases, 2021 broadcaster regulatory fees will be at or below 2020 levels. The 2021 FCC Regulatory Fee Order can be found here.

In our latest filing, the CBA also pushed back on the unfair practice of forcing broadcasters to pay solely for its competitor’s use of FCC resources. In response, the FCC will put forth an NPRM considering other industries, think “large tech”, that should be picking up their share of the bill and lowering broadcaster’s costs.

Frank Montero of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, the firm that assisted the CBA on both filings, stated, “I’m delighted we could assist the Colorado Broadcasters Association in presenting a convincing argument to the FCC to reduce its proposed regulatory fees for the broadcasting industry. Once again, the CBA and its CEO has led the charge in taking action for the benefit of all broadcasters.”

On June 18th, the CBA filed comments, for the second year in a row, regarding the increased FCC Regulatory Fees. The full text of the CBA’s June 18th filing can be read here.

Stay tuned for future updates on changes to the FCC’s FY 2021 Regulatory Fees.