Selling In Times of Crisis

We know all of you are doing your best to keep your communities informed, while watching your advertising revenue dwindle.

Studies, like Inside Radio’s report on “AM/FM use by the Work-From-Home Audience”, The Pew Research Center’s article “Americans Immersed in COVID-19 News; Most Think Media Are Doing Fairly Well Covering It” and the still extremely relevant, 2014 Nielsen study of “The Power of Broadcast in Colorado During Times of Crisis” continue to prove that broadcast is the first place people turn during emergencies.

As a reminder, the CBA offers other great resources, at no cost to members, that are currently producing information to help sales departments in these uncertain times.

Prospecting Magic (Pandemic Edition) Webinar
This archived webinar is available to all CBA members and presents Chris Lytle’s take on our current state of affairs and how to handle sales during a pandemic.
In response to broadcast seller’s questions about what to do amidst coronavirus-caused ad cancellations, LBS President, Gary Moore and multiple other LBS Broadcast Selling Experts provide many recommendations for you and your clients to consider during this period of self-quarantine and economic uncertainty. Login to if you have an account or sign up for one HERE.

Chris Lytle – Instant Sales Training
At times like this, it’s best to get back to the basics. Relationship building, brainstorming with clients and finding solutions. Chris Lytle has been providing those basics and more to the broadcast sales industry for over 44 years. His most recent audio lesson (under 3 minutes) is titled “Selling During a Pandemic” and can be found at If you have an account, sign in today and check it out. Sign up HERE if you don’t have already have access.

RAB Professional Development Courses
If sales and account executives are experiencing downtime due to quarantines and social distancing, now might be the time to pursue an RAB certification. The CBA offers up to 3 free courses per ownership, per market. Get certified as a Radio Marketing Professional, Certified Marketing Consultant or Certified Digital Marketing Consultant and hit the streets running when things return to normal. Applications for courses can be found HERE. Courses are $100 each, once your free courses have been exhausted.

The Federal Communications Commission’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council VII (CSRIC) has also published their “Best Practices for Broadcasters” Report. This is a great checklist to improve the resiliency of your broadcast infrastructure and allow for a more rapid recovery.

Finally, the CBA has amassed several links to resources on our Coronavirus Resources & Tools for Broadcasters page, should your newsrooms or air-talent need quick access to COVID-19 facts and information. This is an ever-growing list and we encourage suggestions for additional helpful resources.

Again, thank you for all you are doing for your listeners and viewers!

Stay safe, stay healthy!