Chris Lytle “Running Sales Training Sessions That Really Increase Sales”

“Running Sales Training Sessions That Really Increase Sales” is the first in a series of four sales management specific webinars. All four are personally conducted by Chris Lytle. Chris promises “more usable information per minute” than you’ll find in any sales training session on the market.

Here are a few of the things you will learn in this fast-paced, highly-detailed program:

• The 3 training secrets that great sales trainers embrace
• Evaluating the 5 levels of sales training impact
• Using the “cone of learning” to build better, more engaging sales meetings
• How to get people to take responsibility for their own learning
• 7 ways to “shake up” your sales meetings
• When and where you do sales training
• Avoid the mistake of doing symptomatic training instead of systematic sales training
• Why short attention span training is trending today
• Startling statistics on how people learn and why they can no longer know it all
• The driving force of division in sales training: What you need to know now

These webinars are free to CBA members and $125/per station for Non-Members.

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