“Writing Ad Copy That Sells Stuff” Webinar

January 16 at 10am If you have clients, are looking to get clients or involved in production in anyway (radio, television and/or digital), please attend this session. What you convey and how you convey it can be... Read More.

“Presenting and Closing Your Proposal” Webinar

December 5th at 10am You’ve worked hard to create a benefit-oriented proposal. But now you have to present it and yes, perhaps deal with objections. This session will focus on strategies and tactics to help you engage... Read More.

Marijuana Advertising: A Legal Update Webinar

There has been much activity on the Federal marijuana front in 2022.  While marijuana remains illegal under Federal law, banks are pressing Congress to allow dispensaries to take credit cards, Congress is considering bills to decriminalize marijuana and there’s even a push to prevent... Read More.

Music Licensing for Broadcasters Webinar

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth's legal eagles, Karyn Ablin and Frank Montero discuss broadcasters’ financial obligations for the musical compositions and recordings they play over the air and in their webcasts and podcasts.  Learn the differences between the royalties you pay for broadcasting,... Read More.

The Poynter Institute’s “Battling Bias” Webinar

Available On-Demand The Poynter Institute's webinar on "Battling Bias" featured topics like... Where do our biases come from? How do we recognize our own biases? Eight kinds of biases that can influence our journalism (these don’t make you a bad person, they mean you are... Read More.