John Ferrugia’s “Helping Reporters Establish News Sources” Webinar

For a reporter, developing knowledgeable and credible sources in the community is essential to bringing critical information to viewers, listeners and readers who rely on local news to help them make important decisions in their daily lives.

So, how do reporters build sources who will help them get the story right and get it first with the important context it deserves?

On Wednesday, September 29th at 10:00 a.m. John Ferrugia and Tina Griego, of the Colorado News Collaborative, will present helpful tips for reporters on establishing news sources in all parts of your community, including underserved communities, to produce unique and exclusive content. John and Tina will offer you step-by-step strategies for establishing sources, including confidential sources, and take your questions.

Learn more about John Ferrugia and Tina Griego.

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